Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I think it won't be long now before someone on the Left - Chomsky? Fisk? Rall? Dowd? Krugman? - claims the Bush administration is secretly inciting the riots in Iran as part of a plot to get control of Iran's oil, thus aiming to discredit the revolution and forestall any actual help the U.S. might give the revolutionaries, covertly or overtly. A free, democratic, Iran that has good relations with Washington, is fully integrated into the world economic market and consumer culture - and doesn't support anti-American or anti-Israel terrorism - is anathema to the anti-Bush anti-globo anti-America anti-Semitic crowd. And a free, democratic Iran that comes about as a result of Bush administration actions - or results from a revolution given momentum by Bush's liberation of neighboring Iraq and the defeat of the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan - is, for that crowd, a nightmare scenario.

From Bill Hobb's blog. Absolutely right on. This is also why the NY Times and the Boston Globe, the two-headed hydra of philo-totalitarian leftist bias, are doing everything in their power to kill the story. Why aren't these protests on the front page like the one's the neo-Nazi Left held in D.C. last year? Why is the story being buried on the inside pages? Could it be that they have an emotional investment in the preservation of a violently anti-Israel, anti-American regime in the Middle East? Nahhhhhhhhhhh.


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