Saturday, May 10, 2003

While Lieberman insists he has never personally experienced antisemitism either while growing up or on the campaign trail, one of the more unappetizing phenomena of his last race was that in some Democratic areas of northern Florida there were a number of Gore/Cheney write-ins, generally thought to be a rejection of Lieberman because of his religion. There is also dramatic evidence that somebody does not currently like him: Lieberman is the only Democratic candidate who is accompanied by security wherever he goes in public. Even on cross-country campaign trips, U.S. Capitol police officers accompany him because of threats on his life.

Hmmm...More then a bit disturbing, but there may be other reasons for this - he did run for VP after all - I think the issue with Lieberman's Judaism will be within the Democratic party, we may start to see the first fully public displays of Left wing anti-semitism in a very long time.

"This is the right moment; I am the leader America needs now," Lieberman told U.S. News. "Of all the Democratic candidates, I am the only one who can stand toe to toe with George W. Bush on his perceived strengths--defense and moral values--and I can defeat him where he is weak: on the economy and his divisive right-wing social agenda. This is the story I will tell the American people."

He's absolutely right of course, and there's no question that the Democrats are way too dumb to realize it. I recently had a conversation with a flaming Lefty American who thought that Lieberman was the worst possible candidate because you cant win by trying to out-Republican the Republicans - although the fact that he thinks Lieberman is that conservative is only an indication of how off his compass is - which I think pretty much sums up the problem: you cant win by running to the Left of George W. Bush, and George W. Bush has that territory pretty much wrapped up. Lieberman is the only possibility they have - combining Hawkish foreign policy with social/fiscal Liberalism - but the party is structured to give disproportionate power to its Left wing - thank you George McGovern - and shows no signs of realizing that this is even a problem. Get ready for the Dastardly Debacle of Howard Dean.


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