Friday, May 02, 2003

The purpose of the term “neo-communist” is to identify a segment of the left that regards the United States as the root cause of international evil because it is the guardian of the international property system. In the eyes of radicals, this makes America the bulwark of the prevailing system of “social injustice” in the world. These propositions have profound implications for one’s political loyalties and commitments, and explain how individuals who claim to honor peace, justice, equality and freedom, can interpose themselves between America and a fascist like Saddam Hussein.

In my previous article on this subject, I referred to Nicholas DeGenova, the Columbia professor who recently made himself notorious at an “antiwar” teach-in by wishing for “a million Mogadishus” -- a million American military defeats. The outrage at his remarks was a response to the image of American troop casualties. But this was to miss the forest for the trees. As DeGenova himself explained in defending his remarks afterwards, what he meant was not that a lot of Americans should be killed (the left always imagines it can separate support for America’s troops from support for America’s wars) but that a defeat for America would be a victory for humanity. This is the way DeGenova put it:

What I was really emphasizing in the larger context of my comments was the question of Vietnam and that historical lesson….What I was intent to emphasize was that the importance of Vietnam is that it was a defeat for the U.S. war machine and a victory for the cause of human self-determination. [4]

DeGenova might have added “for social justice.”

The indispensable David Horowitz beating the crap out of some people who deserve it. Read it all here. It gets better:

Neo-communists survive on bad faith. In the past, Communists believed in what they did; today, neo-communists justify their deeds by invoking the excuse of good intentions. But isn’t this just what all utopians do? If you believe in a future that will redeem mankind, what lie will you not tell, what crime will you not commit to make the future happen? Which is why progressives have committed every crime in the last half century and lied to all, especially themselves. The Communist mantra that “the ends justify the means,” is exactly the rationalization that neo-communists use to defend their alliances with reactionary Islamic radicals and fascist regimes. But after all, using good intentions to justify bad deeds is the first requirement of a utopian bad faith.

I grew up with these people, folks. You have no idea how fanatical and deranged they are or what they're capable of. In many ways they're worse then radical Islam, because they're smart enough (most of the time) not to say what they actually believe--except to each other--and because they have the legitimacy of the university system behind them.