Friday, May 02, 2003

“This week, the big construction company Bechtel received a contract that could pay three quarters of a billion dollars for work in post-war Iraq....One of Bechtel’s senior vice presidents is a former general who serves on the Defense Policy Board, along with other hawks like Richard Perle and James Woolsey, who wanted war with Iraq and got it. They advise the Pentagon and then turn around and make money out of their defense contacts.
“These fellows are all honorable men, I’m sure. But they call for war with all the ferocity of non-combatants and then turn around and feed on the corpse of war. Illegal? Not in our system. Unsavory? No matter how you slice it. But the main point is this: America’s corporate and political elites now form a regime of their own and they’re privatizing democracy. All the benefits — the tax cuts, policies and rewards flow in one direction: up.”
— Bill Moyers on his PBS newsmagazine Now, April 18.

OK, let me get this straight: this talentless leftover from the Johnson administration, this fossil, this relic of a bygone era of Liberal hegemony who became a millionare on the backs of millions of taxpayers, who has turned PBS into his own personal Fort Knox, who has a financial past so murky, so fraught with semi-legal profiteering on the government dime that it would take an army of lawyers and accountants to sift through it, this is the man who is calling the men who liberated Iraq dishonorable? This flatulent hypocrite, gorged on the tax dollars of hard working people like you and me, who'd starve to death if he had to get a real job, who couldn't land a show on actual television if his life depended on it, who makes his living cowtowing to the three people in San Francisco who watch his ridiculous joke of a network, which only survives by robbing every American citizen at the point of a gun, this man DARES to accuse others of "privatizing democracy"? This monument to everything wrong with Great Society Liberalism, this perpetual reminder of the relentlessly corrupting power of Big Government? This lying, insidious, reprehensible, petulent, self-obsessed child of a man? Him?


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