Friday, May 02, 2003

Maybe the animus comes from our radically different constitutions and the singular American experience of vast frontiers, immigration, assimilation, and the lack of a national creed or race? Or could it even be because we are optimistic about the future, and believe we can still assimilate our newcomers, grow the economy, expand our military, and promote freedom — even while they fret about stagnant growth, a demographic time bomb, and rising unassimilated minorities. Maybe, too, the angst arises because of the youth of Europe, who desire America’s popular and often crass culture enough to worry their older guardians of hallowed values? Who knows? Who cares?

From the always extraordinary Victor Davis Hanson. I especially love this:

Reform at the U.N. should be a centerpiece of our new policy. There is no reason why a billion people of a nuclear, democratic India, an increasingly confident Japan, or a vast country like Brazil should not be represented as permanent members of the Security Council. In addition, we must move to require democratic government for participation in the General Assembly; it makes no sense to give despots the privileges they don’t extend even to their own people. Let the U.N. become an assembly of free peoples, and allow Libya, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba to form their own United Tyrannies.

Exactly. America has muscle, but has only lacked the courage to use it, now we realize we have to. Read the whole thing. We need to face the fact as quickly as posible that we now have the choice between a decadent, dying Europe, and an emerging world that is swiftly outstripping the continent of the their former colonizers. We can let Old Europe pull us under with them, or we can emerge more successful and powerful then we ever were: our choice.
I also like the distinguishing between language and truth. The neo-Nazi Left has been fond of saying that Europe was against us, when in truth France, Germany, and Belgium were against us, and the rest of Europe was more then a little pissed at the way they went about it. By the same token, Leftists like to say "the world", when they mean the United Nations, a gaggle of corrupted beaurocrats dominated by tyrannical, unelected regimes. The truth hurts, don't it?


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