Monday, May 05, 2003

ISM member Raphael Cohen told a news conference Monday that he met the two men on Friday, April 25, five days before the bombing. He said that a group of 15 people met in an apartment in Rafah that belongs to the movement.

Along with four Britons from London, who planned to establish a summer camp in Gaza, the meeting included three Italians, and the two bombers. Cohen said that he and another five ISM members attended the meeting, in which tea was served and general questions were asked about the participants' identities and plans in Rafah.

The International Movement for Solidarity with Racist Palestinian War Criminals has apparently been drinking tea with suicide murderers, of course only "general questions" were asked...maybe like "what's the best way to smuggle 30 kilos of high explosive into Israel?" Bastards. Notice they hauled out their token Jewish anti-semite to give the press conference. Way to go Uncle Tom...I mean Raphael. The Shin Bet should arrest everyone of these little neo-Nazis until they are absolutely goddam sure about what they're up to. In my opinion, ISM has long since crossed the line between collaborating rhetorically with genocidal racist terrorists and collaborating physically with them, in other words: helping to blow up Israeli civilians. Lock em up. And the sooner the better, lives are at stake.


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