Monday, May 12, 2003

An interesting article on Castro from Haaretz. Few people know how anti-Jewish Castro's government is. Like most communist regimes, it regards Judaism's longevity as a threat its hegemony. All religious services, the teaching of Hebrew, and anything resembling support for Israel are banned and punished in a whole manner of typically brutal ways. The Castro government also regularly engages in anti-Israel propaganda which is anti-semitic in every possible way: Jews are running American foreign policy, Judaism is Nazism, etc... Last but not least, Castro has long supported terrorist organizations all over the world, the PLO first and foremost, which reject Israel's right to exist and regard bloodthirsty slaughter as the highest form of national self-assertion. Now why, one may ask, is Castro not widely known as an anti-semite? We'll have to talk to Oliver Stone, although something tells me he neglected to ask Fidel that question.


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