Friday, April 11, 2003

A wonderfully outraged little piece by Victor D. Hanson. I'm a sucker for ancient military history, so I love this stuff. He's also absolutely right about how the Euro/Leftist weasels are going to react to the fall of Baghdad. I cant wait to hear the convolutions of logic and abuses of language they're going to come up with. I'm sure by the time they're finished it'll be all America's fault again, imperialism will still be taking over the world, and capitalism will still be a few short years from collapse, just like it was a hundred years ago. I've had enough of them, they have no right to a place at the table anymore. They've been wrong one too many times, they've supported one too many a bloodthirsty dictator. They've told one too many baldfaced lies. It high time they were sent to sit in the corner with the KKK and the Flat-Earth Society, where they belong.


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