Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Not much time for writing today, again. But I need to say something about the pictures which are now being played non-stop on Israeli television. Yes there is looting and mayhem, but there is also obvious mass jubilance and celebration. Hell, when the NY Times gives the front page to Saddam's Stalin-style statues being ripped down by the euphoric Baghdadi masses, you know a point of critical mass has been reached. The best picture I saw was of a man holding a picture of President Bush, written on it were the words: "Hero of the Peace" in English and Arabic. Not Chirac, not Kofi Annan, not Jimmy Carter or Michael Moore. George Bush, hero of the peace. That's the Arab street. That's Baghdad. That is Iraq, right now, as we speak. Lets see the Left spin that one.
I have also been feeling more and more that a page has finally been turned. The trauma of 9/11 has, at least partially, been purged. We now know that our president and the American public are stronger and more resolved then we ever dared to hope they would be. Blessed events have proven the Left to be the psychotic, treasonous rabble we always knew there were. We are living among great events, and, I believe, we have risen to meet them in a way that I feared would be beyond our capacity. I was, thankfully, wrong. We are not France. We are willing to stand, and we are willing to fight. I hope that we will be as wise and as resolved in the rebuilding of Iraq, and the world, as we were in battle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We are, after all, still living in interesting times.


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