Monday, April 07, 2003

Any of you who connected here from the AllsFair website have probably seen the photos from the Boston protest. I was struck by two things. First, the thinness of the crowd. I read the Boston Globe's report, and naturally they made it sound like Paris, circa 1789. But the photos show a shockingly small crowd, much less then I had anticipated even taking the Globe's bias into account. This is, of course, excellent news.
Secondly, the age of the protestors. They all looked simply decrepit. The minimum age seemed to be about 50. Yet more evidence that this movement which sells itself as the voice of the angry youth is in reality a gaggle of half-senile social security cases with a handful of adolescent campus loons interspersed within.
In contrast, almost all the pro-war people were under 25. (And with some pretty damn fine lookin ladies if I might add.) Which only goes to show that the baby boomers may think they'll be young forever, but the movement with the energy and dynamism of a true youth movement is the conservative one.


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