Friday, April 11, 2003

A replacement e-mail sent Thursday clarified that the message - the first item in an electronic calendar of upcoming events - was sponsored by the university's Department of Peace Studies.

The e-mail noted three types of weekly antiwar demonstrations that happen in Columbia. It concluded: "Should war be launched against Iraq, peace advocates are encouraged to refrain from their usual activities the day after (including work, classes, shopping), and join in visible demonstrations."

John Galliher, a sociology professor who directs the peace studies program, said Friday the message was appropriate to send via the public university's mass e-mail system because the program "is charged with making peace".

---First of all, what the hell is Columbia doing with a Department of Peace Studies? Why are they giving money to a Department which is obviously nothing but an employment agency for the neo-nazi Left? I'm telling you, Orwell was right...


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