Friday, April 04, 2003

A few more words on Columbia prof. DeGenova, which is a story that doesn't want to go away, and for good reason. It exposes some of the most vile miscreants working in America today. The big deal now is that the Alumni Association wants him fired (didn't I tell you they're the people who can get things done), and various self-righteous buffoons are falling all over themselves taking a principled stand against it on First Amendment grounds. I would like to point out a few relevent facts:

1. Columbia University is a private organization and can hire and fire who the hell it wants to for any reason it deems fit. The idea that DeGenova's right to teach at Columbia is written into the Constitution is asinine and stupid.
2. All reports indicate that his statement was the tip of the iceberg. He is apparently very intimidating to students in his class who disagree with him and generally conducts his course in an extremely politicized manner. This is a violation of professional standards that is routinely indulged in Leftist academics. It shouldn't be.
3. He is taking up space. Leftist philo totalitarian anti-semites like him are a dime a dozen at Columbia. He should be fired and his spot given to someone with a different point of view who can contribute to the intellectual diversity on campus.

Needless to say, no one is infringing Mr. DeGenova's right to free speech. He can take his pink slip and go rant on 121st Street to his hearts content. Hopefully most of his colleagues will join him.


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