Saturday, March 22, 2003

Whenever Haaretz starts frothing at the mouth over an economic plan, you know its good news. Love him or hate him (or, if your like me, both) Netanyahu is a brilliant man who understands economics in a way most Israeli officials, who've come up through a fundamentally statist/beaurocratic system, simply don't. He's got a shitty reputation both here and in the States in many circles, but he's been proven right too many times to ignore him. He was one of the only major world politicians to predict that Arafat would use the Oslo Accords to launch another attack against Israel, and for this alone he deserves serious points not only for being right but for political courage. I seriously recommend his book A Place Among the Nations if you want to understand the ideology of the Likud Party outside of the caricature the world media portrays it as. He has an earlier book called Fighting Terrorism which, at the moment, seems frankly prophetic. Israel's been in need of a dose of Thatcherism for a long time, and I hope Bibi pulls this one off.


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