Monday, March 15, 2004

Munich was Yesterday. Andrew Sullivan has some excellent comments on the elections in Spain. I think this is as significant an event as the Munich capitulation to Hitler. Israelis have been telling me for two years that when Europe would be hit by terrorism the Israel and the US have been, they would wake up and understand the necessity of fighting it. I thought that was naive at the time and I've unfortunately been proved right. It is clear that Europe is a decadent, bankrupt civilization incapable of mustering the courage to even get angry at those who slaughter them. Let alone take up arms against them. We have seen the worst terror attack in European history and who have the victims chosen to retaliate against? Their own government. For the crime of daring to take military action against a mass-murdering dictator and thus pissing off mass-murdering religious psychopaths. We are seeing nothing less then the return of Vichyism. Through a combination of weakness, fear, and cowardice, the Europeans are once again becoming accomplices of political evil.