Thursday, March 11, 2004

Protocols of the Elders of Strauss.

What exactly are those theories? The cabal, despite its repeated shouts of "hail Leo Strauss!" (this, to a Jewish refugee from Nazism), doesn't give us much insight. Fortunately, the program for Embedded, which contains an essay by someone named Kitty Clark, does. (For the New York production at least, someone in Robbins's orbit had the good sense to expunge from the original essay, which I found on the Internet, several pointed references to the Jewishness of Strauss and his supposed adherents.)

From TNR's devastating deconstruction of overrated necro-communist movie star Tim Robbins's newest "play". Judging by the description, the piece is quite clearly anti-semitic. I can't emphasize enough how dangerous it is that the Left wing tradition of anti-semitism is considered either non-existent or too obscure to be worth mentioning. It does and it isn't.


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