Wednesday, January 21, 2004

At Least Chomsky's a Genius... America's least talented self-hating Jew slams Andrew Sullivan:

I am genuinely enjoying the fact that our own Little Roy Cohn, not altogether unlike Emma Bovary, is finally, painfully waking up to the fact that the political figure to which he has betrothed himself so profoundly and abjectly during the past three years has been using him for kicks, mocking his assignations while professing his true allegiance to those who would stigmatize gays as less than human and even rewrite the U.S. Constitution to prevent their becoming—Andy’s own words—“free at last.”

The ironies are too thick and laden with multiple metaphor to unpack here. (I wonder how many slaves fell—politically speaking—for Jefferson Davis…) And I haven’t even mentioned the drunken-sailor spending spree that used to define exactly what a conservative isn’t—at least in the days before Karl Rove ran the country. My heart almost goes out to the guy. Being the world’s most famous gaycatholictoryMcCarthyiteGAPmodel ain’t as easy as it used to be.

Let's see; two McCarthy references, a pretentious and utterly unnecessary literary reference, race card played with shocking grammatical incompetance...all in all what we've come to expect from Eric Alterman, a man who proves once and for all that one can be a thoroughly incompetant writer and jaw-droppingly adolescent name-caller and still write for a major news outlet, so long as one subscribes to the Todd Gitlen "I'm-not-a-traitor-I-just-conspired-to-bring-about-my-country's-defeat-in-an-armed-conflict school of the radical chic Left. Oh, and there's no liberal bias in the media, by the way, it was all made up by the Rightwing fascists who really run the country and yet have somehow not managed to fire me from my job at a major national news outlet. The supreme irony, of course, is listening to the supremely heterosexual Alterman working himself into a frenzy over what a gay man should believe, all for the puposes of attacking someone who, unlike him, happens to be a gay man. I guess Sullivan's gone a bit too far off the reservation for Alterman's liking. Damn queers, they're just like the Jews, so hard to keep in line. Of course, in Alterman's world, Jews bedding down with those who support racist acts of mass murder against them is perfectly acceptable. Oh, and anti-Semitism doesn't exist either, its all made up by the Rightwing fascists who really run the country. Idiot.


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