Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Chomskyites Spin. They seem to think the main problem was bad advertising:

Another thing... what the &%$^&# are we giving our hard earned money to the campaign if they can't use it to CREATE and air EFFECTIVE advertising. Most of these ads put even myself to sleep. I can't imagine what it does to people who are questioning whether to support him or not.

Yea we can blame the press for some bad coverage and the other candidates for all targeting us. But Goddamnit! Its time the campaign take some responsibility for some of the mistakes they've been making.

New Image. New Message. New Ads...

Or the press:

The vast majority of journalists don’t have serious political biases. Most of them aren’t after an agenda, they’re after a drama. That MISSION ACCOMPLISHED thing, the Jessica Lynch rescue, Thanksgiving dinner with the soldiers. “President Bush sends his regards,” that’s what they want. That’s all they want. Give it to them.

Dean played so well early because it was a drama. It was a damned movie script. The underdog candidate, with morals and passion, shoots up in the polls driven by the sheer will of the American people. That is cinematic *gold.* Now the other guys are trying to write a new story. We don’t like this story. This story sucks! So give me something better. Give me Dean as a wartime general, facing opposition on all sides, fighting an uphill battle for good. Give me Dean as the lone voice of rationalism in a chaotic party. Give me Dean not as the enemy of established Democrats, but as the natural leader of the stronger, better Democratic Party of 2004. Give me Dean as a man so clearly above the petty partisan BS that nobody would even ask him about it. Give ‘em a drama! That’s how you win the press.

Maybe you lost because your candidate is a blubbering anti-American demagogue who's permanently stuck in the 1960's. Much like this guy:

The power of the grassroots will be shown in NH! "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." -MLK Jr. That said we must not wait for the media, and the republicans to give us our country, we must take it back!

But that, of course, would require you to admit that you don't, in fact, live in wickedly evil imperialist Amerikkka, and that George Bush may not, in fact, be Hitler.

And we can't have that, now can we?


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