Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, correctly observed in a speech some years ago that liberals advance their agenda in three time zones — the present, the future, and the past. In other words, liberals not only fight for their causes in the here and now, but also spend a great deal of time rewriting history.

For many years now, the Left has attempted to smear the legacy of the Reagan years and has enjoyed some degree of success. The Reagan years should be credited with the economic prosperity of the '80s, the return to greatness after a national malaise at home, and the fall of Communism abroad. But to read some of the history books in today's classrooms, the fall of the Berlin Wall could be more attributable to a masonry problem than the Reagan doctrine of "peace through strength..."

Other critics would carp about replacing Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. This could be quite fun, actually. Imagine the conundrum this proposition would put liberals in having to defend Jefferson — someone they have spent the last several years portraying as the evil southern, white, slave owner.

I love this idea.


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