Sunday, October 05, 2003

I want to say just a few words about what I saw after the racist Palastinian atrocity in Haifa. I saw a reporter holding a blasted-apart baby bottle while his hand shook with barely controlled rage. I saw restaurants and pubs deserted. I saw people glued to their TV sets. I saw furrowed brows and steely eyes. I saw lips pursed with anger and determination. My girlfriend looked at the deserted pub near her apartment and said: "I like that no one goes out when there's an attack. It lets me know we're all together, all feeling the same thing."

All of you out there who danced with joy in the streets or watched the pictures on television with measured glee and satisfaction, I have only this to say to you: You cannot win, because you have already lost. You have picked a fight with a people that has survived murderers and tyrants a thousand times worse than you could ever dream of being. You have picked a fight with a people that knows how to put its head down and keep moving, even in the midst of the hurricane. You have a picked a fight with a people that has fought a battle with history itself and won. You are defeated already and you don't even know it. You will only shatter yourself against the walls of your own making. We are here. We are staying. We have walked through the darkest abyss humanity has ever known and survived. Believe me, we will survive you. The only question is how much time it will take you to realize it. I hope, for your sake, that it does not take long.


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