Saturday, August 23, 2003

This state of affairs is of course no secret to
the decision-makers in the Israeli government.
The situation obliges the government to try to
assist the Palestinians who want to fight
terrorism - that is, Abbas and his group -
achieve their goal. The Israeli reaction to the
suicide bombing of the bus this week in
Jerusalem therefore needs to take into account
the status of the Abbas government.

Actions like the assassination yesterday of
Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shanab in Gaza, which
immediately drew announcements from Hamas and
Islamic Jihad about the cancellation of the
hudna, could make it very difficult for Mahmoud
Abbas' government and eliminate the small
chance that exists to revive the peace process
on the basis of the road map, which both sides
have accepted in principle.

This is one of the things really wrong with Haaretz. In their striving to be nuanced and subtle, they miss the point entirely. Even if all of this true, Abbas has had his chance and obviously failed. If he hasn't done it by now he never will. The editors apparently believe themselves a bit above the course of events. Like I said, the NY Times of Israel.