Thursday, July 17, 2003

Memo to Everyone: In discussing ”French anti-Semitism,” take a moment to notice that it is almost entirely a phenomenon of that nation’s North African and Arab immigrant community, not of the traditional (mildly anti-Semitic) French. There is no surge in French anti-Semitism at all and it is probably at a historical low ebb among French men and women. It is certainly not a phenomenon of the French Left. This piece points out: “Most of the perpetrators are not the ultra-rightists and neo-Nazis who once were responsible for anti-Semitic acts, but young North African Arabs of the banlieues, the distant blue-collar suburbs where Muslims and Jews live and work in close proximity.” And if it’s a really big concern of yours, by the way, the best way to ameliorate it would be for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank. The occupation is obviously its primary source.

Eric Alterman (forgive me if I don't link) lying his nuts off trying to absolve the angelic French of Jew hatred. Along the way, of course, he indulges in a little Arab-bashing, an amusing irony no doubt, although probably an unconscious one. Of course, the French Left has been ignoring and explaining away the rise in anti-semitism in France, as well as adopting the Arab community's most vile rhetoric to use against Israel. The last time I checked, the precious French Left was marching shoulder to shoulder with French Muslims, signs hoisted aloft, proclaiming Israel a Nazi, apartheid state and extolling the virtues of suicide bombers. In my book, if the French Left believes - as it obviously does - that blowing up schoolchildren is perfectly acceptable so long as said schoolchildren are Jewish, than the French Left is ant-semitic. What Alterman is engaged in here is blaming the victim, which, I believe, is the preferred tactic of apologists the world over. Considering what he's apologizing for, its no great testament to Mr. Alterman's status as a human being.


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I like it when people come together and share ideas.

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